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quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011

Siege Day

The words you spoke today,
Made me think about tomorrow...
Made me realize of my borrow!
Those got inked on my yesterday.

Can't you see my house is as weak as yours.
My shadow mouse haunts me, and then you, yes you!

The one who calls me everything sweet, instead of helping,
you just eat and devour me from behind.

You freed me from my cell, thanks...
You gave me my freedom letter, appreciated...
but now I don't know what is better:
my old nightmare or my new disguised hell.

You can tell when I'm sad,
You know my heart, yeah... but,
Now, it will be ''you knew my heart'', and
Now, I can't see you... why?

terça-feira, 1 de novembro de 2011

Arising Dawn

Here am I again...
Used to the stomping critics!
Used to the Crushing Critters!
Either way I'm wrapped again in pain.

Nowhere to run from the falling dawn...
No way to stop the feeling withdrawing!
Nowhere to flee from the yelling dawning...
No way, just no way to chop my screaming down!

Years have gone by, aside me.
Will you stay by my side?
Will you pray to my ear?
Years have gone by, but why am I here?!

Every sunrise... I hope to find the truth.
My might bark does not allow me to care,
Weather a white or a dark reveal!
Every sunset... I just want a smooth snare!

segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2011

My Aftermath

From long ago,
I have earned a poison,
I have created a way,
My highway to go.

My room full of roads,
Unlimited loads of burning pain,
Unlimited oaths of freezing rain,
My zoomed life full of abroads.

As Earth still spins over,
Through my engrayed window I see...
Through my closed door I see...
I realize the watch doesn't pin over!

Ending up staring at my garden,
Living down pulling out my hardness,
Dragging me down to my warden,
Dying in deafening all my answers.

Natural Resort

People go, people come,
Rain goes, rain comes.
Tears fall, smile stands,
As i fall, my echo stands.

As the rain comes, my echos stand
Fallen people, my tears won't fall.
Revived echos, and my tears stand still,
As I fall, my echos stand.

As life goes, my pain won't fade.
Fallen roses, rain like tears!
Revived people, my pain won't fade,
As smile goes, rain stands still.

Fallen life, falls with my echos,
As I try to shine, will my rose stand still?
Revived hope, will my rose stand with me?
As my echos fall, will my tears still stand still?